2 thoughts on “Fietsen op Grote Markt

  1. What a pleasure to see a bunch of people riding normal bicycles. I am sitting in a cafe (the one in my own building), looking two bikes chained outside: A high-end, apparently brand-new lime-green mountain bike and an artfully-battered, chipped-maroon, hipster one-speed bike, with silly basket on the handlebars. I am seriously hoping the crosstown bus swipes one or both of them before I leave.

  2. I never really thought of that till you mentioned it, Maitland, but I see relatively few super-duper zoom-speed bikes ridden by Lycra-clad madmen in Belgium, maybe because there are just so many bikes around, and they’d look like idiots.

    Lots of old bikes, but again, there are so many battered ones around it would be difficult to stand out with an artful version.

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