About Me

Me at Popoff, Antwerp. (Photograph ©Harry Kümel)
Me at Popoff, Antwerp. (Photograph ©Harry Kümel)

ANNE BILLSON is a film critic, novelist and photographer whose work has been widely published. She has lived in London, Tokyo, Paris and Croydon, and now lives in Brussels.

Her books include SUCKERS (an upwardly mobile vampire novel), STIFF LIPS (a Notting Hill ghost story) and THE EX (a supernatural detective story), and several works of non-fiction, including THE THING, a BFI monograph about John Carpenter’s film, and LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, from Auteur Publishing, about Tomas Alfredson’s film of John Ajvide Lindqvist’s novel of the same name.

In 1993 she was named one of Granta’s “Best Young British Novelists”.

Her photographs have been published in Event, Time Out, Illustrated London News, The Times, Fashion News (Japan), Soho Weekly News (US), Vogue (UK) and the Daily Express. She has had exhibitions in Tokyo and London.

She has written about many different subjects, but chiefly about films, for more publications than she cares to remember, and has reviewed films at one time or another for (to name just a few) Monthly Film Bulletin, Time Out, City Limits, TodaySunday Correspondent, Tatler, New Statesman & Society and the Sunday Telegraph. She currently writes about (mostly) film for the Telegraph and the Guardian.

Zelfportret in het Ensorhuis, Oostende.
Zelfportret in het Ensorhuis, Oostende.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello, I’m one of the long list of people who love your work. I especially like your pix of Brux because I used to live there. (I’m in Lyon now.) And er… not to mince matters I’m looking for a puff for my new novel Living With Spies which is set in Brussels. (Katie Fforde was nice enough to give me one for “I Married a Pirate” which is now selling on Amazon for the princely sum of a penny.) And my pervo cardi-drooling cat Tombo also says “pleeze do it!” Well, he would if he had a brain, which he hasn’t. But that’s another story…

  2. Anne, ik antwoord je in het Nederlands. Je wil dat toch zo graag leren lees ik. Ik woon in Hasselt (BE) en werk in Elsene aan de Kroonlaan. Ik volgde gedurende een vijftal jaren een opleiding fotograaf aan het CVO “De Verdieping” in Heusden-Zolder die ik nu afrond met een eindwerk. Omdat ik meer wilde weten over de plaatsen die ik fotografeerde, zocht ik wat naar informatie over Beurfin in de Hoogstraat. En zo kwam ik terecht op jouw blog. Ik wil je graag feliciteren met je fotografie. Ik heb heel wat inspiratie kunnen vinden in je composities. Dat zal me zeker ten goede komen om de reeks te vervolledigen. Ik ben er nog niet uit wat de titel wordt, maar waarschijnlijk iets zoals “verlaten vitrines” of “over te nemen”.

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