3 thoughts on “La Corne

  1. Well I wasn’t expecting THAT! When I scrolled down the page to put the whole image in frame.

    I was reading ‘Some Celebs….’ on ‘glom and the mention of watermarks reminded me of a thought I had a couple of weeks ago, (I think I got distracted by things iPoddy at the time).

    Had you considered explicitly offering some of the images as ‘wallpapers’? I was thinking particularly of the sunsets and the more bold landscapes. They might need a slight crop to 16:9 and saving as 1366×768 and 1920×1080 in Acorn.

    Why on earth should you undertake ANY additional work!, Well the thinking is; if you explicitly offer these as a ‘gift’ (under CC licence obv.) people will take them, (as you offered them, did all the fiddly resizing and gave them a link), put them on their screens, share with friends, pass them around etc. And each will carry your @AnneBillson.

    People are nosey, having a name on their screen all day/night will mean they will eventually give in and Google it. They won’t be able to resist in the end, “Who is this mysterious woman?”

    Some will find Twitter, Multiglom, Empires…, Cats… or the pieces in the T’graph; some will like what they find and make repeat visits.

    There is a very slight chance someone might want to buy the rights or commision some work in Belgium. (No I wouldn’t be holding my breath either, but never say never.)

    Not convinced? try it on the next suitable one and watch the download stats to see what happens?

    As compensation for ploughing through all that, something possibly for Cats on Film.

    Korben Dallas has a cat: Sweetie.

    1. Oh, that sounds like a good idea – I might well give it a whirl when I have a moment. Many thanks, Yowns.

      I downloaded Silver EfEx today for a trial period (at iamamro’s recommendation) and am having fun tinkering with black and whites – almost as good as having your own darkroom! So I might start taking black and whites again…

      Thank you for the cat tip. But does this mean I have to watch The Fifth Element again? I saw a fleeting but good cat in Kelly Reichardt’s Night Moves the other day.

  2. Hadn’t come across EfEx, but it seems to be popular and well supported by tutorials etc. But it’s not cheap at $149. (if that is a bit rich, Topaz Black and White drops in at $60 or Perfect Effects 8 Free Edition which is well- free.)

    Tsk, The Fifth Element is not that much of a chore is it *disbelieving look*

    Even if you think the film is a sub-par BD mess, there are Gaultier costumes, a Serra score and G. Oldman giving the scenery a bit of a chew to maintain a bit of interest.

    “Aziz, LIGHT!”

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