ABC: Adolphe Maxlaan 149, Brussel.
ABC: Adolphe Maxlaan 149, Brussel.

Calling all Bruxellois! URGENT! If you live in or visit Brussels, for business or pleasure, please think about making a small donation – before the deadline of 23rd April 2014! – to the campaign for the preservation of the ABC, a former porn cinema on Boulevard Adolphe Max, just around the corner from Rogier.

Three of Belgium’s leading film and heritage organisations (Cinema Nova, the programmers of Offscreen film festival, and movie theatre heritage specialist La rétine de Plateau) have devised a plan to turn the ABC into a repertory cinema and arts centre, but if they can’t raise the money to buy the lease before the 23rd April, the building will cease to be a cinema and will be converted into a snackbar.

The building and its facilities are in a remarkably good state of preservation, and would need little refurbishment, though one imagines the porn posters will be replaced with something a little less X-rated.

If the money isn’t raised in time, all donations will be returned. Donations over €40 are tax deductible. Follow this link or click on the picture above to visit the tri-lingual website for more information.

foradultsonly copy

fleshandfantasy copy

nosmoking02 copy  nosmokingalt copy

glovewoman copy

2 thoughts on “SOS ABC

    1. Oh, I totally agree, though suspect it might not be suitably politically correct for our times. But they should definitely try to preserve it in some form or other. I also like the Lady with the Gloves.

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